A sign-in option for people new to blockchain.

Bridge is a wallet for blockchain products. Sign in with an email address, and buy crypto with USD.

Reach your target market with Bridge

Blockchain wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, passwords, and private keys. Necessary to use a blockchain product, but far too complex for a mainstream audience.

For a smoother onboarding experience, try Bridge. All people need to get started is an email address and USD, so you can make your product accessible to people at all technical levels.


Onboard new users in seconds

If you add Bridge to your product, people can sign in with a link sent to their email address. An ICON wallet is attached to their Bridge account, which they can use with every website that supports it – even on a mobile device.


Accept payments in a stable currency

People can add money to Bridge via Stably and a wire transfer or US bank account (requires a verified identity). They’ll receive a USD-backed stablecoin known as Stably USD (USDS).

USDS is compatible with any service using the ICON blockchain, so you can accept it as currency for in-app payments.


Use Bridge with a single currency, or many

Bridge was designed for people new to cryptocurrency. Keep it simple and use USDS for all in-app payments, or help them increase their exposure to crypto with additional IRC2 tokens.

Cross-chain compatibility coming soon.