Bridging blockchain to the real world

Coming soon to the ICON Network

Bridge is a payment service that lets people interact with blockchain apps using their email address and fiat currency.

Reach your target market with Bridge

Blockchain wallets, cryptocurrencies, passwords, and private keys. Necessary to use a blockchain product, but far too complex for a mainstream audience. For a simpler onboarding experience, try Bridge.

Bridge onboards new users with only their email address. They’ll receive an ICON wallet that supports direct USD deposits, so they can always cover in-app payments. And they can use Bridge on any device, so you can reach your audience right where they are.


Onboard new users in seconds

When you add Bridge to your product, people can sign in with a link sent to their email address. An ICON wallet is attached to their Bridge account, which they can use with every website that supports it – even on a mobile device.


Comply with financial regulations

Bridge leverages Prime Trust’s KYC, AML, and bad actor checks to help you meet your regulatory obligations.

Before someone can deposit or withdraw USD from Bridge, they’ll need to provide details about their identity and address, upload proof, and pass the verification checks. This usually only takes a few minutes, and they can transfer assets from another wallet before they're verified.


Accept payments in a stable currency

People can deposit USD into Bridge from a US bank account (card and wire transfer support coming soon). Their funds get converted into a USD-backed stablecoin known as Bridge Dollars (USDb), and added to their wallet.

Bridge Dollars are an IRC2 token that’s compatible with any service using the ICON blockchain, so you can accept it as currency for in-app payments.


Use Bridge with a single currency, or many

When someone starts with Bridge, they don’t even need to be aware they’re using cryptocurrency – they just have USD. Keep it simple and use only Bridge Dollars, or make it easy for users to increase their exposure to crypto with additional IRC2 tokens.

Add Bridge to your product

Bridge is almost ready for its public debut. Contact us for early access to the Bridge widget and APIs.

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